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ASIS: Finding Information

This LibGuide holds information about the search process and useful resources


This Libguide is made for Avans School of International Studies (ASIS) and holds information on how to find reliable and relevant information for your assignments, like a SWOT report, a marketing plan or your thesis. 

In this LibGuide you'll find information on: 

how to start your research,

how to build a good search query (and why this will save you time!),

where to search (different sources that can be used, where to find them and how to evaluate them),

video tutorials about how to use valuable databases for your studies,

information on how to cite.

Also you might want to enroll for online courses concerning finding information or how to cite using APA.



Below you'll find an introduction video about how to approach your research and examples of tutorials you can watch to help you find the information you need for your assignment. In these video's we have used 'meat replacements', as a category example. You can try the search strategy for your own category or topic. The tactics remain the same of course :-)