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ASIS: Finding Information

This LibGuide holds information about the search process and useful resources

Evaluate your source

When looking on the internet for information it is always important to evaluate your source and check the reliability of it.

In the video below on 'how to evaluate your sources' we have used 'meat replacements', as a category example. The search strategy and how to define the relevance and reliablity of your sources for your category remains the same. 

Always check the information you find on the internet with the CRAAP-test: 


Currency:    how current is the information on the site? When was it updated?


Relevance:  does the information relate to your research needs?


Authority:   who is the author or group responsible for the website? What else have they published or what  

                   is their specialisation?


Accuracy:    is the information being provided correct? (also look out for spelling errors on the site)


Purpose:      why does the information exist? Does the organisation want to sell you something, or is it purely informational?

Interesting link about Evaluating Sources

The Library of Georgia University holds interesting information to find out what reliable source are, who decides what a reliable source is and shows fact checking sites. Definitely worth a look! Check out this link or click on the logo below.

Identifying fake news - by John Spencer