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ASIS: Finding Information

This LibGuide holds information about the search process and useful resources


Using the databases and finding the information you need might need a little practice.

Here are some exercises to help you find your way in the databases. You can do these exercises together with your project group or just by yourself. 

Remember to watch the 'how to' videos in the useful databases section or check out the Xplora page 

In case you should have any questions, have them ready for the planned consultation meeting (YR2 only) or send an e-mail to 


Note: these exercises were created in August/Sept. 2020 based on information found in MarketLine and WARC at that time. Changes may occur.

Question:  Search terms 

Exercise in using the search engine Kaluga and finding search terms

Find the article: 'Consumers’ associations, perceptions and acceptance of meat andplant-based meat alternatives' by Michel, Fabienne; Hartmann, Christina; Siegrist, Michael.   

Method: Go to Kaluga 

You can specify your search using the filters on the left, for instance set publication date on 2019-2020 and source type on 'magazines'. Click on the button 'open fulltext'. Make sure you are logged in to get access. 

Question: List the keywords that are mentioned in this article. Are they relevant for your market research?


Question:  Resources
Question:  Where to search - Databases
Question:  Boolean operators
Question:  Finding Scholarly information using Google Scholar

Learn how to use Google Scholar and to improve your search results using boolean operators and quotation marks.

Go to

Find an article on meat alternatives and beyond meat, from 2019, using quotation marks and the boolean operator AND. 

Question:  Using Kaluga
Question:  Using MarketLine

For your assignment it is important you can find information like a Country profile with the PESTLE analysis in MarketLine. 

Country Profile

Find the Country Analysis Report of Germany using MarketLine and then look for the PESTLE Analysis. 

Method: Access MarketLine via Xplora or this LibGuide. Once you've found the Country Analysis Report you can scroll down to the Table of Content for the PESTLE analysis or press Ctrl F and type in the search bar PESTLE analysis. 

Industry Profile

Goal: practice with locating an Industry Profile in MarketLine and finding specific information in it you could use for your assingment.

Find the industry profile of meat in Japan.

Company Profile

Goal: to know how to locate company information on MarketlIne

Find the company profile of Maple Leaf Foods Inc. Find the SWOT Analysis of this company. 

Question:  Using WARC

Aim: Learn to find case studies at WARC Database

Method: Go to WARC database via Xplora or via this LibGuides

Go to Case Finder, find case studies about meat substitutes in Great Britain from the last year.