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Borrowing materials from Xplora is free of charge if you are an Avans student or staff member.

Simply use your digital student card in the Avans One app. You can download the app for Android or for Apple iOS.
The existing plastic student or employee card still works as well.

The self-checkout machine allows you to borrow books and other materials yourself at any Xplora location:

  • If the screen is not already set on English, you can use the flag icon in the bottom left corner to switch.
  • Select "Borrow" on the screen
  • Scan the barcode on your student card
  • Scan the barcode on the front of the book

Magazines can be borrowed at the machine as well. First put the magazine in one of our magazine folders. On it you can find the barcode to scan.

Students can borrow a maximum of ten items at the same time. The limit for lecturers and staff members is twenty items.

Click the CC icon in the video to show subtitles


There are multiple ways to extend the loan period on your materials.

Renew by using our self-checkout machine;

  • Select "Renew" on the screen
  • Scan your student card
  • Check the boxes of the materials you want to renew (so you don't have to have the materials with you)

Or renew by using Kaluga.

  • Click Login in the upper right corner of Kaluga
  • Log in using your Avans email adress and password
  • Click your name in the upper right corner
  • Choose My Loans
  • Choose Renew All, or renew per item

Renewing is almost always possible, except when the material has already been reserved. 


Items can be returned as well by using our self-checkout machine. 

  • Select "Return" on the screen
  • Scan the barcode on the front of the item
  • Carefully deposit the item in the cabinet opening next to the self-checkout machine

The loan period is four weeks. You'll receive a reminder in your email two days prior to the return date.

If you haven't returned or renewed your items, you will receive an invoice after four weeks for the administrative fee (€ 15) and the standard fee of € 40 per book. Until the materials have been returned or this invoice has been paid, borrowing items will not be possible.


Reservations can only be made if an item is on loan. Reservations can be made via Kaluga.

You'll receive an email as soon as your reservation has arrived.

Your reserved item will be registered to you already, so you don't have to scan it at the check-out machine. 
It will be kept aside for you for ten days. 

Borrow from other Avans locations

When you search for items via Kaluga, it might be that this item is unavailable at your current location, but ís available at another Avans location.

In that case you can use this request form on Servicepunt. Log into Servicepunt using your Avans account. 

Information Support will send the materials to your Avans location of choice. You'll receive a pick-up message via email when the material is available at that location. 

Items can be returned at the return cabinet of any Avans location.

Borrow from other libraries

You can also order almost anything from other libraries in the Netherlands.

A request for a publication outside of our own collection costs € 2.50.

Please contact our Information Support for the possibilities. 


By using the Xplora lending facilities you declare that you are aware of and agree to our terms. For using our facilities the general Avans House rules apply.

You are not permitted to make notes in books. If you damage or lose any materials you will be charged a standard fee per item (€ 40) and an administration fee (€ 15).

Your card is strictly for your own use. You are held responsible for the use of your card and for the materials registered on it.
If you lose your card you should immediately inform us via our contact page and inform Avans Servicepunt to prevent misuse. Your card will then be blocked.


Any details of materials loaned will not be passed on to third parties except in the case of serious negligence.