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Tussenruimte: International Students

Transdisciplinaire werkplaats waar gewerkt wordt aan complexe maatschappelijke vraagstukken

Minor Act for Change Together (ACT) - part of De Tussenruimte

Minor ACT - Act for Change Together* 

"We do not produce food, we produce happiness"  - Geert van der Veer (De Kleine Aarde)

* the new name of the minor Transdisciplinary Change (2022/2023)

Who is this minor intended for?

Do you think it is important that we can live, work and do business together in a fairer and more sustainable way? And do you want to learn how to really move people around you? Read more about the minor ACT; Act for Change Together.  

What are you going to do?  
In this minor you will work with a group of students from various study programs on a social issue that you choose based on your own interests (your challenge). You learn to build a community with relevant stakeholders who recognize the problem (coalition of the willing). And with your idea or solution you contribute in a sustainable way to the well-being of people and a better world (impact).  
How do you do that?  
You will attend various workshops on: Broad prosperity and new entrepreneurship Interdisciplinary collaboration with students from various study programmes Environment and stakeholder analysis Getting the coalition of the willing moving. 
For whom?  
You want to contribute to a fair and sustainable society. You enjoy working with others and you prefer to work in practice, by trying things and actually doing them. All disciplines are welcome, the more diverse the better. You must, however, be in possession of your propaedeutic diploma.  
This minor takes place in De Tussenruimte; a workplace where students, teachers, researchers, entrepreneurs and citizens in Breda can develop together in order to enable transitions in the region to broad prosperity and new entrepreneurship. 

Well-being Economy

The tragedy of the Commons

What is the space between?


Quotes from our students

''Theproject was very personal because I was allowed to choose and develop my own challenge'.  

'Normally there is a format or a step-by-step plan that you have to follow in a certain way. Here we were confronted with uncertainty and had to think about how we were going to come up with a solution, which stakeholders we were going to involve.'  

‘I really liked the freedom and equality between teachers and students’  

‘I was always focused on my grade and what the teacher expected of me. This minor suddenly focused on what I now wanted to get out of myself. That was really different" 

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